A preview to the 2014 Ice Bowl!

It’s that time of year again.  For some of us, the word “Ice” in Ice Bowl actually pertains to the current winter weather conditions.  For others who are enjoying 50 to 60 degree temperatures right now, it doesn’t.  Cold temperatures, snow covered fairways, and high winds are expected at my local Ice Bowl in Oswego, Illinois lead by the Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Club.  Everyone attending tomorrow will be reminded of the Ice Bowls slogan: “No whimps – no whiners!” and will be fully prepared for the elements the day will bring.  Players will participate in one round of 18 holes in the morning and 9 holes in the afternoon; both of which are unsanctioned.


{ Above photo from the 2012 Fox Valley Ice Bowl }

Every Ice Bowl that is held in January & February is a push to raise funds for fighting hunger.  Money & food raised for this years Ice Bowl at Eagle Ridge/Civic Center will go to the Kendall County Food Pantry.  There have been numerous sponsors and people stepping up for cash donations for this years Ice Bowl which is reflected in the awesome players packs, free lunch, and large raffle of prizes!  Click here for a full list of sponsors.  The Fox Valley Ice Bowl held on 1/12/2013 raised a stunning $5,885 & 200lbs of food!  The coordinators of this years Ice Bowl have been working hard on getting their biggest list of sponsors to date!

I will be attending tomorrow’s Ice Bowl in Oswego to capture the event – look for photos and a new blog post in the near future!



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